About The Course

The content for this Angular Js (1.X) training course is specifically designed to meet the day to day development challenges of an Angular Js developer. Apart from the in-depth coverage of Angular Js , this course also covers solutions for real world scenarios that a developer will face in a typical Angular Js Application.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
    1. Why Angular Js?
    2. Library vs Framework
    3. Dependency Injection
    4. Hello World
    5. IIFE – Immediately Invoked Function Expression
  2. Knowing what is what
    1. Model & Data Binding
    2. Module
    3. Controller
    4. Scope
  3. Directives
    1. Commonly used built-in directives
    2. Normalization
    3. Creating a custom directive
    4. Directive with template
    5. Restricting a directive
    6. Link and Compile
  4. Filters
    1. Commonly used built-in filters
    2. Creating a custom filter
    3. Filter parameters and chaining of filters
  5. Scope
    1. Scope as data modal
    2. Scope Hierarchies
    3. $scope vs $rootscope
    4. $emit vs $broadcast
  6. Service
    1. Commonly used built-in services
    2. Service vs Factory and when to use what ?
    3. Custom Service
  7. Data Access
    1. More on $http
    2. Caching data
    3. Why $q ?
    4. Handling data error
    5. Notify data load
    6. CORS – Cross Origin Resource Sharing
  8. Routing
    1. Routing Basics
    2. Route Provider and Interceptors
    3. Passing values from one page to another
    4. Angular UI Routing
    5. Nested Routes
  9. Introduction to User Interface
    1. Angular UI Bootstrap
    2. Office UI Fabric
    3. Angular Material
  10. Testing and Debugging
    1. Validating the code with JS Lint
    2. Unit Testing
    3. Chrome Developer Tools
  11. Build and deployment
    1. Node and Node Package Manager
    2. Tasks with Gulp Js
    3. Bundling and minification of Js and CSS files
    4. Build and packaging with Gulp
  12. Angular Recipes
    1. Project structure for a large Angular Js Project
    2. Resolving a dependency before routing
    3. Chaining multiple backend request
    4. Cache bursting
    5. Lazy Loading of script files
    6. Must have third party plugins and modules

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