About The Course

SharePoint has different development models like Server Side Object Model , CSOM , JSOM, Addins / Apps , Sandbox solutions etc. All these development models has its own advantages, disadvantages and limitations. Some of these development models are either in the verge of deprecation or no longer recommended by Microsoft .

Now its an era of client side application development and the new “SharePoint Framework” model which was recently announced , fully relies on client side application development tools and technologies. Get ready for the future and be prepared for tomorrow  by learning the technologies that are required to survive as a SharePoint developer.

Course Content

  1. Introduction
    1. Why client side application development ?
    2. Setting up the development environment
  2. Node Js & NPM
    1. Introduction to Node Js 
    2. Package management with NPM
  3. Angular Js – ( Find the detailed breakup for Angular Js 1.X here)
    1. Introduction
    2. Knowing what is what ( Modules , Controllers etc..)
    3. Directives
    4. Filters
    5. Scope
    6. Service
    7. Data Access
    8. Routing
    9. Angular UI
    10. Testing and Debugging
  4. User Interface
    1. Angular UI Bootstrap
    2. Office UI Fabric
  5. Gulp Js
    1. Why Gulp ?
    2. Managing Tasks with Gulp Js in Visual Studio
    3. Watch for the changes
    4. Structuring the project for effective build process
    5. Inclusions and exclusions
    6. Minification and bundling
    7. Must have Gulp Plug-ins
  6. SASS
    1. What and Why
    2. Variables
    3. Nesting
    4. Partials & Import
    5. Mixins & Extend
    6. Operators
    7. Gulp and SASS
  7. Yeoman
    1. Basics of Scaffolding
    2. Setting up the generator
    3. Folder Structure and File Management
    4. Scaffolding your project
  8. Standalone Angular App Hosted Within SharePoint ( Not the regular SP App / Add-In)
    1. SharePoint Project Structure for Angular Js in Visual Studio
    2. Customizing a SharePoint Page to Angular App landing page
    3. Angular Js routing within SharePoint
    4. CRUD operation with SharePoint REST API and $http
    5. Transforming html to aspx with Gulp Js
    6. Build and packaging the application
    7. Deployment Options
  9. What's Next ?
    1. SharePoint Frame Work
    2. What you should know about Angular 2 and React Js

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