Why are we different?

Yukthi Academy, based out of Chennai, is an initiative by a group of Architects, Subject Matter Experts and Senior Developers who are experts in respective technologies. We are not a "yet another training institute" offering training for all technologies under one roof. We provide training only on the technologies that we have real hands on experience and specialization.

As we believe in the quote “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” we don’t promise you a job placement but we can make you gain the confidence and strength to fish on your own rather than waiting for someone else to gift you a fish.

All our trainings are tailor made based on real world experiences and are heavily inclined towards current expectations and requirements within the software industry. This would ensure you to kick-start application development from the day one instead of leaving you in a clueless state.

Now it’s time for you to decide, whether to do an expense with others in the name of training or to do a proper investment for your future. Decide and reach us at academy@yukthicorp.com

Upcoming Trainings

12 Nov 2016
Angular Js For SharePoint Developers
Batch Size :    6
Course Duration :   40 Hrs
Investment :   40K+ Taxes

12 Nov 2016
Angular Js - In Depth : From a developer's perspective
Batch Size :    6
Course Duration :   24 Hrs
Investment :   20K+ Taxes

26 Nov 2016
Client Side Application Development for .Net Developers
Batch Size :    6
Course Duration :   40 Hrs
Investment :   40K+ Taxes

Available as both Online and In-Person training

What We Can Offer You

  1. We can make you gain the confidence and courage to face the technical interview
  2. Strength to encounter the technical challenge.
  3. Insight towards real world expectations and experience
  4. Best practices and guidance / governance around the technology that you learn.

What Is Expected From You

  1. Fire to learn
  2. An attitude to challenge the trainer. - Don't worry, we can handle that :-)
  3. A laptop with minimum 4 GB of RAM with VS Code or Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Installed